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Click on the picture above and login using   ktes  as both login and password.

     All books are due back the following week.  Students may take out books only if all borrowed books have been returned.   Students will not receive date due slips since we no longer purchase book pockets for the slips.  We do not charge fines and overdue notices will be generated once a month.  Since all books are due the following week, if your child has had a book home for three weeks, it is safe to say it is overdue and needs to be returned.
    Book replacement cost is charged if the book is lost or damaged.  If the book reappears at a later date, the money will be refunded.

Children may sign out the following:

Kindergarten 1 book starting at the end of September or the first week in October
First Grade 1 book until January when it will change to two.
Second Grade 2 books
Third Grade 2 books
Fourth Grade 2 books.  3 if student has an assignment or report
Fifth & Sixth Grade 3 books