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ormation about our Instrumental Program:


In the 4th grade, students have the opportunity to play an instrument through our instrumental music program. Students will be pulled out of lessons on a four-week rotating basis, never missing the same period two weeks in a row.

Students have the option to pick from the following instruments: flute, trumpet, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, alto saxophone, baritone or tuba. 


Every child will be on track to be in Beginning Band by December. This means that your child will need to complete certain pages in order to participate (in Beginning Band).


Here is the suggested route:

  1. Level 1 - pg 9 completed by 11/14/14.

  2. Level 2 - pg 12 completed by 12/19/14.


Beginning Band will start in the Spring (TBA).


    Students will receive a sticker on each passed exercise and will receive a stamp on their chart for each “level” they pass. Once they pass these two levels, they will be in Beginning Band. Once your child reaches 5th grade, they will need to pass three more levels in order to make Advanced Band.

    I will be sending out Progress Reports each marking period for every instrumental student. This helps me to maintain open communication with you about your child’s progress.


*** Students should be practicing at least one day a week for 15 minutes at a time. Again, playing an instrument takes work and responsibility but the reward is well worth it. ***


Renting an Instrument


    Because we do not provide instruments at Knowlton Township Elementary School, you will need to rent an instrument for your child. I have done research into companies and have suggestions as to what companies you can use.

    Please keep in mind that these companies offer repairs for little or no cost. Some of these companies come to the school and fix our instruments during the week. This will at one time or another benefit you.

    To avoid a middle man, the only thing that the companies ask me to do is collect the forms and give them in. If you have any issues you may have on the renting end, you’ll need to contact the rental company.


Using your own instrument


      I strongly urge you to not buy instruments off the internet. With those instruments, you never know what you’re going to get and if it will work. If the instrument is broken, and it is a fix that is beyond my capabilities, you will have to take it to get repaired.

      However, if you do have your own instrument, please bring it in so that I can look at it. I need to assess the condition so I know if the instrument will play. A broken instrument can cause a lot of stress for a beginner.




    You will need to purchase the book for your child. The book we are using this year is Standard of Excellence Book 1.

Additional Information
To get into Beginner Band: 4th grade students must play Jingle Bells, which is page 12 in their books.
To get into Advanced Band: 4th grade students must play pages 18 & 19.

Our award winning Advanced Band plays at High Notes Festival every year. Last year, we received a ranking of "Superior," scoring a 90 and above! For students to participate in Festival, they must know the songs that we will perform before we go on the trip. More information about festival and upcoming concerts will be sent home.

If you are an Advanced Band member parent and would like me to contact you via email, please contact me at incarbones@knowltonschool.com