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Activities to strengthen kindergarten Spanish skills:

  • Number flashcards to print at home:  Print the front of the Spanish flashcards first: [Front of flashcards]  When the front of the cards have printed, turn the pages over, put them in number order and print the backs.  [Back of flashcards]

  • Counting:  Use common objects like apples in a bowl.  Ask your child to count how many there are in Spanish.

  • Colors:  Point out objects that are red, blue, green, orange, or yellow and ask your child for its Spanish name.  Color printout sheet.

  • Animal names:  Play charades to encourage your child to recognize the appropriate animal. Animal printout sheet

    • Rabbit = conejo

    • Panda = oso panda

    • Mouse = raton

    • Elephant = elefante

    • Monkey = monito

    • Lion = leon

    • Giraffe = jirafa

    • Snake = serpiente

  • Greetings and salutations:  Practice basic conversation with the following phrases:

    • Good morning = Buenos dias

    • Good night = Buenos noches

    • Hello = Hola

    • Bye = Adios

    • What is your name? = Como te llamas?

    • And you? =  Y tu?

    • How are you?  =  Como estas?

    • So so = Asi asi

    • Good = Bien

    • Very good = Muy bien

    • Excellent = Excelente

First Grade-

Activities to strengthen first grade Spanish skills:

  • Opposites:  Infuse your commands and conversation with opposites that your child has studied.  Use the Spanish words instead of their English equivalent.  For example:  If you would like your child to stand up, say "Parate."  Other opposite words we have studied are:

    • Big = grande / small = pequeno

    • Open = abre  / close = cierra

    • Fast = rapido  / slow = lento

    • Stop = para  /  go = sigue

    • Stand up = parate  /  sit down = sientate

  • Numbers to 20:  Play Bingo!  Click here for printable BINGO supplies.

  • Conversational Spanish:  Ask the following questions of your child:

    • Do you like  [Te gusta _________?] a certain food or activity.

    • Answers should be:  Si me gusta _______( Yes,, I like_______) or No me gusta _____( I don’t like ______).

  • Vocabulary:  Use Vocabulary Worksheet 1 and Vocabulary Worksheet 2 to strengthen your child's Spanish vocabulary skills.  Other words we have studied are:  to dance = bailar, to sleep = dormir, and to paint = pintar.

Second Grade -


Activities to strengthen second grade Spanish skills:

  • Numbers to 30:  Play Bingo!  Click here for printable BINGO supplies.

  • Days of the week:  Print the front of the Spanish flashcards first: [Front of flashcards]  When the front of the cards have printed, turn the pages over, put them in number order and print the backs.  [Back of flashcards]

  • Visit http://www.spanishspanish.com/days.html to practice days of the week.

  • Questions to ask your child:

    • Que dia es hoy?  (What day is today?)  This will help your child remember the days of the week.

    • Como esta el tiempo hoy? (How is the weather today?)

  • Days of the week:  Add the Spanish names for the days of the week to your household calendar.  (See flashcards above for the names)

Third Grade -

Activities to strengthen third grade Spanish skills:

  • Numbers and Vocabulary:  Ask your child to count and name the school supplies in his/her backpack.

  • Vocabulary:  Ask your child to make a picture of a "dream classroom" and label each item in Spanish.

  • puerta = door

  • calendario = calendar

  • pizarra = blackboard

  • regal = ruler

  • lapiz = pencil

  • libro = book

  • reloj = clock

  • borrador = eraser

  • cuaderno = notebook

  • silla = chair

  • mesa = table

  • mapa = map

  • papel = paper

  • tijeras = scissors

  • computadora = computer

  • bandera = flag

  • maestro = male teacher

  • maestra = female teacher

  • escritorio = desk

  • pupitre = student desk

  • tiza = chalk

  • globo = globe

  • Vocabulary:  If you have an office at home, see how many items your child can name in Spanish.  Label each item on a sticky note with the Spanish name.

  • Vocabulary:  Make a family tree and ask your child to name the different relationships in Spanish.

  • Colors and Shapes:  Play colors and shapes bingo.  Click here for printable supplies.

  • Colors:  Using Spanish names for colors, ask your child(ren) how many items of a certain color they can find in one minute. The one with the most items is the winner. Each child should write the items down--in Spanish if they can. 

Fourth Grade -

Fifth Grade -

Sixth grade -

  • Vocabulary to strengthen sixth grade Spanish skills

  • Grammar

    • Identify and utilize appropriate subjects pronouns

    • Understand the difference between “tu” and “usted”.

    • Recognize and identify the gender and number of nouns.

    • Agreement of  adjectives and nouns in gender and number.

    • Identify and use question words Quien, Como, Donde, Cuando Que?

    • Verbs conjugation ( present tense only).

    • Recognize and correctly use of definite articles.(El, la, los, las).

    • Correctly use “hay”


By the end of Grade  6, students will demonstrate proficiency in Spanish grammar , vocabulary  and culture by attaining a passing grade on the Cumulative 6th Grade Benchmark Assessment.

Special places to visit:

  • Spanish games and flashcards

  • Weather.com:  Weather in Spanish in this country and around the world.

  • CNN News in Spanish:  CNN news in Spanish.

  • Altavista.com Babel Fish:  You can translate a text or a word to 10 different Languages, including Spanish.

  • www.quia.com/dir/spanish: This is a very good website. You can create your own puzzle, Java games, hangman, challenge board, picture perfect, etc.

  • Enchantedlearning Spanish Theme page:  Themes for grades K through 6. Very complete and entertaining website with tons of coloring pages.You’ll learn about animals (ocean, farm, and domestics), numbers, colors, parts of the body, days of the week. In addition, you can learn the seasons of the year, how to tell time, shapes, clothes, fruits, drinks, dairy food, parts of the house, opposites, flowers, the planets, quizzes with numbers, colors, games, maps and lots more.

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